Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mission accomplished

Two and a half years ago Greg Needham drove on to the parking lot of the Coffee Plantation driving on a 1982 BMW R100, a gift from his wife Colleen.
Greg is a partner in the Key West advertisement agency Needham-Fatiga and the
ir office and design studio is on the second floor of our Coffee Plantation coffee shop.
The moment that the sound of the motorcycle reached my ears I had to look up to see what just had arrived. The sound of that Beemer made me wanted to have one BMW myself..
Memories going back to the seventy's back in Holland where my friend Piet Nuyens owned a BMW R90S, a beautiful motorcycle.

I really wanted a BMW motorcycle for myself this time.

Now, two and a half years later, Greg bought himself another BMW, a BMW GL1150, wow, what a machine. For parking reasons the good ole BMW R100 had to make room for this new bad boy, and the old lady had to get sold.
Greg, I said, I trade you my "Burlesque show" booty for your motorcycle.

Yes, Greg said, and It's a matter of fact he said, I can't think of any other person that I would like to see on the seat of that bike other than you, that bike was my most favorite toy and I know you will enjoy it as much as I did...

Today... February 23th 2009 I received the key's to my new motorcycle.
I'm just as happy as a clam....

My friend Captain Bill is checking out the engine and repairs are being made where needed...
I saw one of those sexy
"bikini" fairings on ebay and maybe, yes, maybe, I'm even going to bid on one....

Wow, what a great day....


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