Monday, January 22, 2007

Artistic trade

Captain Outrageous really appreciates quality products and has a fine taste in cuisine and wine. So when I showed him the delicious wine I got for my neckless trade with Jackie he showed me quite a lot of interest.
That's a great trade, he said...
The next day the Captain invited me to come visit his art gallery on Caroline Street here in Key West, and look for a piece of art of equal trade.
Between all the beautiful creations and treasures on display in his gallery , I found my trade.
My whole life already I wanted a guitar and there it was, a beautifully "Captain Outrageous" hand painted "Indiana" acoustic guitar.
Look at this beauty!
I was sold, the wine had to go.
We had a deal.
Somebody better come up with something really nice to trade this puppy...
I would definitely like to keep this one...

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