Friday, February 02, 2007

Carrie is in...

Carrie wanted to be part of my quest already from the moment she laid her eyes on the paperclip. Carrie is a tile artist. She is making Key West houses beautiful with mosaics out of tile for bathrooms, kitchens and driveways.

She contacted me immediately when she heard about my Captain Outrageous acoustic guitar.
"This one is mine," she said, "I always wanted a guitar."

"I'm making you a water fountain out of a beautiful 4 feet high urn I acquired," she said. "I'm going to cover the urn with Italian glass and tile.


Carrie's Garden Fountains are a popular amenity for gardens large and small. The pleasant flow of water helps block background noise and enhance the tranquility and peacefulness of outdoor areas, and the added element of water enhances any environment.

I was all ears!

Carrie explained that this garden fountain will be engineered to give maximum utility and beauty with a minimum of maintenance. The serenity and tranquility of water is an essential element to complete a garden or outdoor living space. "I'm sure," she said. You'll find the fountain perfect for you! It's going to be the most beautiful creation I have ever made."

"This art piece is three weeks from completion and when I'm done we are going to display it on the Key West Famous "Walk-On-White" for everybody to see. And it's all yours, for the Outrageous guitar."

Needless to say, she convinced me.

Wow... a fountain.
I love fountains...
This is great... What's next...?

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