Friday, April 17, 2009


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mission accomplished

Two and a half years ago Greg Needham drove on to the parking lot of the Coffee Plantation driving on a 1982 BMW R100, a gift from his wife Colleen.
Greg is a partner in the Key West advertisement agency Needham-Fatiga and the
ir office and design studio is on the second floor of our Coffee Plantation coffee shop.
The moment that the sound of the motorcycle reached my ears I had to look up to see what just had arrived. The sound of that Beemer made me wanted to have one BMW myself..
Memories going back to the seventy's back in Holland where my friend Piet Nuyens owned a BMW R90S, a beautiful motorcycle.

I really wanted a BMW motorcycle for myself this time.

Now, two and a half years later, Greg bought himself another BMW, a BMW GL1150, wow, what a machine. For parking reasons the good ole BMW R100 had to make room for this new bad boy, and the old lady had to get sold.
Greg, I said, I trade you my "Burlesque show" booty for your motorcycle.

Yes, Greg said, and It's a matter of fact he said, I can't think of any other person that I would like to see on the seat of that bike other than you, that bike was my most favorite toy and I know you will enjoy it as much as I did...

Today... February 23th 2009 I received the key's to my new motorcycle.
I'm just as happy as a clam....

My friend Captain Bill is checking out the engine and repairs are being made where needed...
I saw one of those sexy
"bikini" fairings on ebay and maybe, yes, maybe, I'm even going to bid on one....

Wow, what a great day....

Friday, February 27, 2009


Mark and Christa have been the driving force of the Key West Burlesque Show. Going under the stage names of Marky Mark and Tatah Dujour, together they are the creators of the Key West Burlesque Show extravaganzas. Their shows have been a "Show Must Go" for two years now in Key West. Their success is credited to the enormous creativity of their directors and the enthusiasm of their cast. They have been showing off more than just their talent at The Southernmost House, Kellys Upstairs, Hard rock Cafe and other local Key West landmarks.
For their "Pirate Burlesque" show they considered a working pirate ship as their pirate show backdrop...
A pirate burlesque show on a pirate ship.... What a great idea. The sailing show is going to be filmed in front of a live audience and used as promotional material for the traveling group of the Key West Burlesque Show. Just a select few can be part of this unique event and be a live audience of the show, and... they will have to surrender their hard earned booty.... Tatah and Mark loved the idea of creating their show on my ship the Jolly 2 Rover... we take the boat...You take a percentage of the loot, they said.
We have a deal....
What an exciting trade....
That's going to be a great show Marky said.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Party of forty...

Joey is the Captain on the Jolly 2 Rover, the Jolly 2 Rover is a large square rigged schooner with the Key West bight as her home port.
As the Pirate that Joey is, he, of course, needed his booty...
Joey wanted a real Pirate booty... like a silver coin booty...
So when Joey the Pirate noticed the Atocha coin on display at the Coffee Plantation the only thing he could say was... Aargghh... Aayyy... matey...
Surrender that booty and I will take you sailing matey, he said. I will take you sailing for three hours on our 70 feet square rigged Schooner Jolly II Rover with 35 or 40 of your best friends, family or college's.
Wine, Champagne, Sodas and lunch included. Aargghh!!!
I even trow in a minister for a wedding event if needed. Aargghh...
Wow, that is great.
Sailing for three hours with all of your friends or family on one of the most impressive Schooners of Key West.
What a great trade.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

390 years in the making...

My coin, that I traded with Shawn for my water fountain looks really good for its age...
Check out these pictures that I took of the coin.
The coin is quite rare, being that it is from the wreck of the Nuresta Senora de Atocha.
It is a grade one, and has a partial date. This eight reale was assayed by Juan Munoz in Potosi Peru in the year 1617.
It sank with the Atocha in a fierce hurricane here off of Key West in 1622.
Less the 5% of the coins that are being found on the Atocha site show a date. The divers of the Mel Fisher museum are still finding treasure along the trail of the Atocha but have not found a coin of this caliber in quite some time.

This beauty could be yours....
Bring me your trade...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Safety First

My brother Cor who had just visited me from Holland convinced me that a helmet is the first thing you buy if you are thinking of moving around on two wheels.

Look at this handsome helmet.

My brother Cor has the brains in the family.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Sunday night while surfing the internet for BMW R90S stuff I found the sound of the motorcycle that I really desire.
After repeating the sound of my favorite motorcycle for about 15 times (or more) my self, I could not resist to post it on this blog so everybody can hear and enjoy the sound of this wonderful machine.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Today is the day....

Wow, that did not take that long.
The fountain that Carrie made me, and delivered ten day's ago for the "Captain Outrageous" Acoustic guitar trade, found a new home.
I'm very exited to tell you that I traded the fountain for a real Mel Fisher treasure.
Shawn is a treasure hunter by heart, and one of Mel Fishers diving partners.
Mel Fisher, a Key West legend, found with his team of divers the Spanish shipwreck the Nuresta Senora de Atocha.
Shawn wanted the water sculpture for his garden not only for it's beauty, but also for tons of other reasons.
Read this beautiful letter he wrought me.

Hi Theo,

What a great day!

Adele and I share the admiration, as I know you and many others do, for Carrie and this fountain. From the moment she started this piece we new it was going to be special. She creates with such love and tenderness. This piece signifies all the beauty that she is.

As you know shipwrecks and treasure are a big part of what I do. I started diving for Mel Fisher about 15 years ago and have been in the business ever since. As a diver we were paid in treasure and this coin is one I have held close for many years.
It is quite rare, being that it is from the wreck of the Nuresta Senora de Atocha, it is a grade one, and has a partial date. This eight reale was assayed by Juan Munoz in Potosi Peru in the year 1617. It sank with the Atocha in a fierce hurricane here off of Key West in 1622.
Less the 5% of the coins we have found on the Atocha site show a date. We are still finding treasure along the trail of the Atocha but have not found a coin of this caliber in quite some time.

My girlfriend Adele and I consider Carrie to be one of our closest friends and In some ways I think that our home could sometimes be mistaken for her gallery. She has helped Adele and I, transform our house into a place of serenity with all of the renovation and tile work she has done. She takes pride in her work and it shows.
From the start of this fountain the three of us thought that it would be a wonderful addition to our home.

This Trade today with you for Carries fountain has lifted my spirits.
In a time when there is so much trouble and discontent in the world this experience has made me feel wonderfully refreshed and rejuvenated. I cant put my finger on it. Maybe it was just the sincerity and mutual appreciation for two beautiful pieces, a handshake, and a simple trade. Maybe it was the realization that things don't have to be so complicated and that the world could be a better place if we all adopted this philosophy of fair trade without a hidden agenda. Whatever the case thank you for brightening my day!

What a great quest you are on. I am honored to play a part in the adventure and trade my treasure for yours.

May all your ship's come in!

Shawn Cowles
Now that is a great trade... a real Mel Fisher coin from the Atocha...
That is a trade with some real Key West history.
I would love to keep this one....

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Worth the wait...

Carrie, Steve and Rick delivered the water sculpture today, look at this fantastic piece.
I loved my "Captain Outrageous" Guitar, but the soothing sound of the fountain is much more pleasing to the ears than my guitar playing.
The quest is back on, I know somebody is going to trade me something fabulous for this art piece.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Carrie is in...

Carrie wanted to be part of my quest already from the moment she laid her eyes on the paperclip. Carrie is a tile artist. She is making Key West houses beautiful with mosaics out of tile for bathrooms, kitchens and driveways.

She contacted me immediately when she heard about my Captain Outrageous acoustic guitar.
"This one is mine," she said, "I always wanted a guitar."

"I'm making you a water fountain out of a beautiful 4 feet high urn I acquired," she said. "I'm going to cover the urn with Italian glass and tile.


Carrie's Garden Fountains are a popular amenity for gardens large and small. The pleasant flow of water helps block background noise and enhance the tranquility and peacefulness of outdoor areas, and the added element of water enhances any environment.

I was all ears!

Carrie explained that this garden fountain will be engineered to give maximum utility and beauty with a minimum of maintenance. The serenity and tranquility of water is an essential element to complete a garden or outdoor living space. "I'm sure," she said. You'll find the fountain perfect for you! It's going to be the most beautiful creation I have ever made."

"This art piece is three weeks from completion and when I'm done we are going to display it on the Key West Famous "Walk-On-White" for everybody to see. And it's all yours, for the Outrageous guitar."

Needless to say, she convinced me.

Wow... a fountain.
I love fountains...
This is great... What's next...?

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Artistic trade

Captain Outrageous really appreciates quality products and has a fine taste in cuisine and wine. So when I showed him the delicious wine I got for my neckless trade with Jackie he showed me quite a lot of interest.
That's a great trade, he said...
The next day the Captain invited me to come visit his art gallery on Caroline Street here in Key West, and look for a piece of art of equal trade.
Between all the beautiful creations and treasures on display in his gallery , I found my trade.
My whole life already I wanted a guitar and there it was, a beautifully "Captain Outrageous" hand painted "Indiana" acoustic guitar.
Look at this beauty!
I was sold, the wine had to go.
We had a deal.
Somebody better come up with something really nice to trade this puppy...
I would definitely like to keep this one...

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

From Beautiful to Delicious

Our very fashionable Jackie loved the Necklace so much, she said, I trade you a delicious wine, a wine I'm so proud of selling, and I know you will love.
Let me tell you about this wine she said.

This Wine is dense and dark, youthful, purple-red in color, this initial 2002 vintage of J. Lohr Carol's Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon has powerful aromas of black currants, cherries and licorice with a complex bouquet of vanilla, tar, graphite and charry oak. Carol'’s Vineyard delivers a dense, yet incredibly supple structure reminiscent of Bordeaux'’s finest Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines.

Wow I said, and she continued on...

Carol's Vineyard lies in northern St. Helena, comprised of 16.4 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon (Clone 337 on 3309 rootstock) and 4.3 acres of Petit Verdot (Clone 400 on 3309 rootstock). The well-drained, gravelly, sandy loam soil and "Bordeaux" like climate of the Napa Valley is ideally suited to produce luxury-quality Cabernet fruit.

Wel... I was sold...

I think I'm going to keep this one...

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Friday, December 29, 2006

It's getting better

Until Beth came along.
Beth is one of the sweetest, nicest, sincere person I know and very fun. Beth makes fine jewelry here in the Coffee Plantation. When she saw my colorful bouncing retro ball her face lightened up. She wanted that ball. In here dreams she was bouncing this ball up and down Mallory square...
A few hours later, Beth presented to me her trade, she said, I really want your ball and I'm willing to offer you this treasures piece off jewelry. This piece of jewelry I made a long time ago, and I personally love it so much that I never wanted to sell it. But now... She said. I want that ball so do we have a deal?
Now I have a gorgeous necklace.
A piece I don't want to give it up.

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First Deal

To trade my paper clip, my shiny red paperclip I showed it to Mongo for him to explore.
After carefully examining the curved piece of iron he saw the beauty and was sold.
Mongo offered me his bouncing ball, but not just any bouncing ball...
This Ball is a early version artdeco bouncing ball, a Very, truly piece of bouncing ball art.
actual a piece I didn't want to give up.

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The Goal

The 1975 BMW R90S.
This dream machine would be the top new toy for me.

Ask one of today's hyper-sportbike riders about the BMW R90S and you'll probably get a blank stare. This motorcycle, which started the Superbike era, is now rarely seen and, unfortunately, it has become a footnote in motorcycle history to anyone less than 30 years old.

Well, I was there, and I distinctly remember the first time I laid my eyes on the R90S.

The bike, with its distinct "bikini" fairing and swooping tail section, got my heart pounding like no other.

Of course, I couldn't afford one, disposable income being what it was in 1974. The R90S was only built for 3 years, but what years they were. AMA started their Superbike series in 1976, and a special Butler & Smith prepped R90S, making 100hp at the rear wheel, was piloted by none other than Reg Pridmore, who went on to win the first AMA Superbike season on the bike.

Looking at an R90S today, it's hard to believe. It looks spindly and delicate, and its twin shocks holding up the rear look too much like toothpicks. Too many of the bikes have been beat up, modified and destroyed, and there are probably more fakes than originals at this point. A correctly restored original, with its beautiful and radical sunburst paint job, can cost nearly $10k in today's inflated dollars. But they are beautiful, timeless and classic, and my goal to own.

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A shiny red paperclip

This "one of a kind" shiny red paperclip is the begining of a quest. Inspired by Kyle MacDonald.

I started a quest to own and drive the "World's best bike" the 1975 BMW R90S.

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